Learn more about KNX

Learn more about KNX at the KNXperience Australia webinar series

Understand the benefits of KNX for architects, end users, installers and consultants

Following the success of the worldwide virtual conference, KNXperience, KNX National Group Australia has launched a dedicated event for our region, KNXperience Australia.

The webinar series is free to attend and will share insights and latest innovations about KNX to architects, end users, installers and consultants. The series will feature top class speakers from KNX National Group member organisations such as ABB, mySmart and Ivory Egg to help you learn more about KNX.

Among a host of insights and real-world examples, attendees will learn

  • the benefits of an open protocol providing true multi-vendor, competitive supply channels,
  • why KNX is the most widely used building automation system in the world, according to independent research,
  • how KNX can offer state-of-the-art solutions across all building applications, and with a surprisingly long list of manufacturers to choose from,
  • how easy it is to program KNX, with one software for all manufacturers and applications

KNXperience Australia

Webinar 123 Nov 202112.00-1.00pmKNX for Architects and Interior Designers
Webinar 214 Dec 202112.00-1.00pmKNX for End Users
Webinar 308 Feb 202212.00-1.00pmKNX for Installers
Webinar 408 Mar 202212.00-1.00pmKNX for Consultants

 KNX for Architects and Interior Designers

The creation of buildings must fulfill the new requirements of the owners and their users who expect high-end buildings which are also smart. The right technology will contribute to shape smart buildings with high end results.  Whether it is lighting, blind and shutters, air conditioning, renewable energy or any other building application, it can all come together on a KNX single platform. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7000671217343172363.

KNX for End Users

The future of building automation is being reshaped by KNX. KNX has proven to provide a future proof system that can live up to customer’s expectations irrespective of future market changes, even the new world of IoT. With over 500 manufacturers producing more than 8000 products, you’re bound to find the right product with the perfect aesthetics for your individual design. Whether it is a smart home or a smart office, KNX provides the solution for today, and tomorrow. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3305521599155820043.

KNX for Installers

More than 500 manufacturers, over 8000 products, and one tool to bring it together, KNX saves time and the need for an extensive knowledge base of different protocols for different manufacturers. The future of building automation for installers is being reshaped by KNX.  No longer do you need to be restricted to a single manufacturer’s product range. A single engineering and commissioning tool covers all applications, and each manufacturer provides free downloads for their products to use with the tool. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2588280477543675915.

KNX for Consultants

A smart building must deliver the right mix of solutions across multiple applications.  Choosing the right technology is critical to provide a future proof design.  Whether it is lighting, blinds and shutters, air conditioning, renewable energy, electric vehicles or any other building application, it can all come together on a single KNX platform, which complies with the only available Australian Technical Specification for building automation, SA/SNZ TS IEC 14343.3. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1430982916658363915

KNXperience Australia is open to everyone who is interested in smart home and building solutions and wants to learn more about KNX.