A KNX qualified training provider is required to be certified by the KNX Association to enable the delivery of standardised KNX courses.

KNX Training Providers

There are currently two recognised training providers in Australia:
ABB Australia:
Contact Person: Ian Richardson
Phone: +61 (0)3 8577 7152
Mobile: +61 (0)418 531 599

Ivory Egg:
Contact Person: Clayton Brown
Mobile: +61 (0)411 227 410
Email: clayton@ivoryegg.com.au

Training Courses

KNX Introduction – 4 Hours

This 4-hour seminar introduces you to KNX terminology and methodology and includes a hands on product component. It also dedicates some time to Q&A. This course is run upon request.

Certified Basic KNX accreditation – 4 Days

Participants will gain basic understanding and skills to work on KNX based equipment, and become a basic level accredited KNX building automation technician. To attain certification the participant must pass a local practical exam and also an on line theory exam hosted by the KNX association in Brussels.

KNX Advanced – 4.5 Days

The KNX advanced course takes a deeper look at how KNX works, along with how to control systems such as heating and advanced lighting with KNX. The course is a mixture of theory and practical. With recent updates to include content about DALI and BACnet it’s a great course for those looking to further their understanding of KNX and its use.

Training Calendar

The following training courses are scheduled for 2020:

  • Sydney: 11th – 14th February (KNX Basic Certification)
  • Melbourne: 18th – 21st February (KNX Basic Certification)
  • Sydney: 17th – 20th March (KNX Advanced)
  • Brisbane: 21st – 24th April (KNX Basic Certification)
  • Sydney: 16th – 19th June (KNX Basic Certification)
  • Melbourne: 4th – 7th August (KNX Basic Certification)
  • Sydney: 15th – 18th September (KNX Advanced)
  • Sydney: 20th – 23rd October (KNX Basic Certification)
  • Perth: 1st – 4th December (KNX Basic Certification)

For further information visit www.ivoryegg.com.au/training or contact: training@ivoryegg.com.au