New Free Online Training: how to prevent access to KNX installations

Any communication technology is a target for hackers, and this includes home and building automation systems. The demand for smart home and smart building technology is increasing rapidly, and more and more applications and equipment are being added to installations and interconnected for remote access in order to offer a better user experience. Without proper protection, however, they can represent the most vulnerable point in an installation.

The KNX Association has been keenly aware of the need for security for some time, which is why it has taken strong measures to make its systems secure, including the introduction of KNX Secure that protects installations at an internal data level and external IP level. But how do you, as a KNX professional, use KNX Secure, and what strategies can you employ to ensure solid security of the systems you install?

The new 30-minute ‘How to Prevent Access to KNX Installations’ online training from the KNX Association is free of charge and is available to all systems integrators with a MyKNX account. The course is an ideal complement to the ETS eCampus and is strongly recommended before enrolling on a certified KNX Basic Course. Those who complete the course will be given an official certificate.

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