New KNX National Group Chairperson, Craig Chapman

The KNX National Group Australia has today announced the appointment of Craig Chapman as Chairperson. Chapman is currently General Manager at Ivory Egg and takes over the KNX National Group Chairperson role from Ian Richardson (formerly of ABB).

Chapman says: “We want to pass on our deepest thanks to Ian who has achieved great things in his role since the foundation of the National Group at the end of 2010. It is now my privilege to return to service as Chairperson of KNX National Group.”

Richardson has stepped down as Chairperson, a role he has held for more than a decade, having moved on from ABB into a new role uninvolved with the KNX protocol. Like Richardson, Chapman also has a long history with KNX having co-founded and served within the inaugural KNX National Group of Australia as Deputy Chairperson, alongside Richardson as Chairperson, Peter Garrett from mySmart as Secretary and Alistair Grice from Somfy as Treasurer.

Chapman continues: “More than a decade on since the inauguration of the National Group Australia, we have seen the international KNX standard adopted by Standards Australia as Australian Technical Specification SA/SNZ ISO/IEC TS 14543.3.1-6:2018. We have seen KNX installed into a plethora of internationally recognised, Australian landmark projects. And we have seen a growing number of Australian certified KNX Partners (installers) have their projects accepted as finalists and even winners at the KNX international awards, amongst numerous other international non-KNX awards programs.

“It is an exciting time for KNX and I look forward to assisting the next phase of awareness, adoption and growth within residential, commercial and public projects throughout Australia.”