The National Group Conference took place in Berlin from October 17th to 19th, 2023, with participation by KNX National Groups and KNX KEB members. This conference brought together 41 participants from 18 different countries and provided a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and new ideas.

The conference began with opening presentations from KNX President Mr. Kammerl and KNX Germany President Mr. Langels.

During his speech, Mr. Kammerl focused on “continuous improvement,” which is the primary reason KNX maintains its number one position in the home and building automation market. He also included the main principles of KNX, its historical development, facts and figures, developments in standardization, and new system extensions in his presentation.

Additionally, Mr. Kammerl mentioned a great opportunity to gain in-depth experience with real-use cases in the hotel industry. You can find more information about this opportunity below:

Hotelkompetenzzentrum GmbH
Christian Peter, CEO
Sonnenstraße 19
D-85764 Oberschleißheim – Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 55 05 212-10
Tel.: +49 (0) 171 6942673
Fax.: +49 (0) 89 55 05 212-69

Mr. Langels then provided detailed information about KNX Germany’s mission, history, members, and activities in his presentation.

Throughout the conference, the sessions included –

KNX IoT New Solutions & Devices Available: This session was all about KNX IoT Ecosystem.  It was emphasized that KNX have adopted incredible new technologies that expand its horizons in all directions without changing its foundation. You will be able to find the IoT flyer distributed during the conference in the presentation file.

KNX From Technology to a Brand: This session focused on insights and opportunities of KNX’s primary pillars: energy management, sustainability, IoT, and security. The session featured an internal analysis of these topics and presented a roadmap for achieving future goals. Lastly the ‘KNX Sustainability Day’ project was announced.

ETS6: Current State and what’s to come: This session provided an overview of the current state of ETS6 and the latest updates in the upcoming November release including system extensions like KNX RF Multi, improved licensing and new diagnostic features. In addition, some features and improvements planned for 2024 and 2025 were also mentioned. Additionally, participants were informed about the ‘KNX Security Check’ tool, which enables them to check the status of their installations at

KNX National Group Knowledge Exchange: In this session, 12 National Groups presented their countries’ most remarkable activities of the past 12 months. It was a great opportunity for National Groups to showcase their most impactful practices to fellow National Groups, learn from others’ achievements, and exchange ideas.

Introducing KNX for Public Schools: During his presentation, Joost Demarest focused on the importance of reaching out to Generation Z and acquainting them with KNX. He promoted the KNX Next Generation Training Program and explained the differences from the current KNX Certification Scheme for Training Centers.

Finding the Right Social Media Plan for NGs: This session focused on the benefits of social media management for national groups. Examples from the KNX Association’s social media plan were showcased, and some suggestions were provided for national groups that are new to social media, helping them create a basic plan. Finally, national groups with a robust social media presence shared their experiences. 

Results of the Communication Approach to B2B2C: This session was about KNX’s efforts and communication towards end customers. The challenges KNX Association faces when addressing the end customer and the details of the B2C & B2B2C strategy and marketing funnel created to overcome these challenges were discussed.

Market Research Workshop: The aim of this workshop was not to conduct in-depth market research but to compile the information already available to the KNX Association and the National Groups into a single report offering global perspective, making it accessible to all groups. During the workshop, we had the opportunity to test parameters and discuss the correct terminology.

Open Session: Many demands were made in open discussion session. The most requested ones were as follows: 

Shipment of materials: It was underlined once again that KNX Association chooses not to print and send documents due to its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Notification: The idea was put forward for National Groups to be automatically notified when a new KNX Partner passes the exam, becomes a new KNX TC, KNX Member or KNX SC.

Access to the presentations delivered at the conference, along with photos, are available below:

  1. National Group Conference Agenda
  2. Welcoming by the President – KNX Today and Tomorrow
  3. Conference Opening
  4. Session 2 – KNX IoT New Solutions & Devices Available
  5. Session 2 – KNX IoT Roll-Out Flyer
  6. Session 3 – KNX: From Technology to a Brand
  7. Session 4 – ETS 6 Roadmap – Michael Critchfield
  8. Session 5 – KNX National Group Knowledge Exchange
  9. Session 6 – Introducing KNX for Public Schools
  10. Session 7 – Finding the Right Social Media Plan for NGs
  11. Session 8 – Results of the Communication Approach to B2B2C
  12. Session 9 – Workshop – Market Research
  13. Photos